Spring 2019 Saturday Volleyball Leagues

Programs for individual player and already established teams

High School Players register as an Independent Players

Portland Parks Web Site and Game Schedules
Site Host  Steve Sandvold
Portland Parks Sports Coordinator Blaine Rethmeier

Independent Player Program Option:

  • What is an independent player? A player that wants to play volleyball and is not on a team
    • For Boys & Girls 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grades
    • This program is designed to give aspiring volleyball players an opportunity to learn volleyball, and be on a team.
    • Bring a friend(s) and we will do our best to put you on the same team.
    • PDX)))VB is providing the Coaching, a Uniform, and will assign players to teams
    • $25.00 Registration Fee- for Portland Parks Collected by PDX)))VB
    • $40.00 Coaching Fee-Paid to your Coach Collected by PDX)))VB
    • $30.00 Team Fee Paid to PDX)))VB
    • Total $95.00
  • Games Start – on Saturday, April, 13th 2019
  • Season Tournament, May, 18th & 19th 2019
  • Practices are TBD for Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday
  • Player Fee Includes a new T-Shirt with number
  • All Fees are paid to PDX)))VB by first practice.
  • Register to play (Link)

Established Team Option: for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & High School

  • This program is for established teams with a coach
  • Coaches are responsible for acquiring practice times. Contact your school Principal for gym time.
  • Contact PP&R Youth Sports Director Blaine.Rethmeier@portlandoregon.gov
  • Uniforms:
    • Each team is required to have a jersey for each player.
    • Players’ jerseys need to have a 4″ or 6” number on the front center for new uniforms.
    • Returning Teams my use Jerseys with number on back.
    • Andersonpdx.com/Get-A-Quote has special prices for Parks Volleyball Teams.
      • Volleyballs, knee pads, ball bags, and other Volleyball equipment.
      • Would you like to put a Volleyball Net System in your school?
        Contact David@AndersonPDX.com